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daredevil trendsetters! We know you're out there, blazing the trails of fashion with your custom creations from Rodeo Robot. But listen up, buckaroos, 'cause when it comes to custom orders, we've got a different set of rules.

Hold onto your Stetsons, 'cause here's the scoop: Custom orders are as wild and unique as a one-eyed, laser-shootin' Martian cowboy. And just like that extraterrestrial wrangler, once your custom creation is set in stone, there's no turnin' back. We don't offer returns on custom orders, 'cause we crafted 'em just for you, with your vision in mind. They're as special as a unicorn in a rodeo! 

But don't you fret, fearless fashionistas! If there's an issue with your order that's got you feelin' like a tumbleweed in a dust storm, reach out to us pronto! By lassoing our customer support team, you'll get a personal, case-by-case review of your situation. We're all about keepin' our customers smilin' like a coyote with a pocketful of roadrunners, so we'll do our best to ride to the rescue. 

So remember, when you saddle up for a custom order, it's a wild ride that's worth every second. No returns, but we're always here to wrangle any mishaps that might occur. Just reach out to our friendly posse, and together we'll figure out the best way to keep you struttin' down the fashion frontier with a pep in your step.

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